I miss the science in my science fiction.

The new season of Doctor Who has started.

This is exciting news!  Or, it should be.  However, I am finding myself ever more disappointed in the way the show is written.  Granted, Doctor Who has always had its hokey, campy elements, but they were always something to love about it before.  So far, I think I like Matt Smith as the new doctor.  I am not a fan of Karen Gillian’s Amy Pond character, but I’ll give her a little bit more time to figure out the role before I decide to dislike her for real.  But the writing…

Take this last episode, Victory of the Daleks. I can buy the strange unexplained reappearance of the Daleks.  The show is hinting at something more to come (hopefully an explanation that makes sense), so I will let it slide (despite the fact that the Daleks are apparently Power Rangers now).  However, the solution for beating the Daleks in the episode started out with World War II era planes fighting a space battle.  Now, I can accept that a Dalek-created android might have been able to create blueprints to equip planes for space travel.  However, I refuse to believe that the planes can be modified in MINUTES (this is not Star Trek, there are no replicators, and even if it were, it is the wrong century…).  AND THEN.  These newly magicked planes can fly to the Dalek mothership, which is orbiting THE MOON, in minutes, and use their atmosphere-dependent weapons to shoot out the crazy-advanced Dalek weaponry (didn’t they ever watch that episode of Firefly where Jayne had to put his gun in a space suit so he could shoot it in a place with no atmosphere?).  AND THEN there was fiery explosions in space, and that is just breaking some cardinal rule of scifi, cause all of us geeks know this is just wrong.

I could probably overlook all of this, if the episode came with the Doctor Who patented emo-character-development.  But getting the android to not explode his Dalek Controlled mini black hole chest bomb by talking to him about the girl he has a crush on does not do it for me.  Especially when the speech comes from Amy Pond, who I have yet to bond with, and whom all I know is that she is running away from a marriage and made lotsa crazy dolls as a kid and went to counseling.

The Doctor trying to scare off the Daleks with a jammy dodger was nice though.  Guess I will stick it out and see if it gets better, after all, most of my favorite episodes were written by Steven Moffat, so I don’t THINK he will destroy one of my favorite shows.

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One Response to I miss the science in my science fiction.

  1. McAwesome says:


    Stupid crazy super-fast building of crazy plane things FTL.

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