Reading and knitting in the new year!

I’ve been thinking about New Year’s resolutions.  I have never put much credit in them, since everyone I know has set completely unrealistic goals for themselves in areas that they won’t really enjoy anyway, but along with this postaweek thing, I think I will give it a shot.

The past year was a sort of black hole for my reading habits.  I didn’t count (or keep up with my Goodreads account), so I have no idea how much I actually read, but I would guess it was less than 20 books.  For me, this was atrocious!  Reading was always my go-to activity for any time, any place.  I signed up for the Goodreads 2011 reading challenge in the hopes that I can get back into my favorite habit, and I listed a goal for 80 books this year.  Probably a bit ambitious since I am out of the habit, but hey, it’s good to have goals right?

My other goal for myself is to spend the year actually completing some knitting projects.  During the holidays last year I decided to knit all of my gifts for people, and I think I overdosed or something, because I could hardly stand to even look at my needles for months.  However, I have a couple of really exciting projects that I am in the middle of, and hopefully this year I can finish a few and work on that overflowing yarn stash I have accumulated.  (Maybe part of this goal will even include updating my sad, sad little ravelry account!)

Wish me luck in my goals, and good luck in all of yours!

PS – does anyone know if WordPress will allow widgets for goodreads or anything else on their blogs?


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2 Responses to Reading and knitting in the new year!

  1. Ruth says:

    I’ll be joining you on both…sort of. I’m crocheting, not knitting, but I have a number of planned projects and lots of books. Friended you on Ravelry too! 🙂

  2. sev3nty says:

    eep you are making an adipose! (I just scared some library patrons when I squeaked.)

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