The Life and Times of Zach Morris, Futon.

Born in the early nineties, Zach Morris was blessed with a trendy pattern, and named after a popular nineties tv character.

He spent his early life in various dorm rooms, and his trendy pattern only added to his allure.  However, soon his dorm room owners grew up and got married, and he got shunted to the basement.  This is when he became a hand-me-down, and made his way to Sev3nty’s apartment.

She gave him a cheerful new white sheet to dress him up, and some nice hand-me-down pillows and a blanket to give him color.  Oh, and friends to sleep on him.

and Zach Morris was happy with his new look.

However, thanks to the ministrations of this crafty devil:

and his partner in crime:

Holey Sheet!  Disaster struck, and Zach Morris’s cheerful white sheet was ruined.  He was given a new sheet:

But, somehow, it just didn’t quite match his old hand-me-down pillows, and made him feel dark and sad.

Thanks to a discount fabric bin, some 40% off filling, and the fortuitous use of a neighbor’s sewing machine (Old Faithful sewing machine having finally kicked the bucket), Zach Morris was given cheerful new cushions to match his new look!

Now he can snuggle with these cute overstuffed cushions all day long!


(No futons, cushions, cats, or sheets were harmed in the making of this blog post.)

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7 Responses to The Life and Times of Zach Morris, Futon.

  1. YoMamma says:

    I LOVE IT!! HAHA 🙂 AMAZINGBALLS! You did amazing job, don’t worry you’ll be getting your new sewing machine soon! xoxoxo

  2. Tickif says:

    technically a sheet WAS harmed 🙂 love it though!

  3. G-ma says:

    Just read the Zach Morris, love, love love it!!! Not only are the pillows bright and cheery, the boys look handsome, but most important is your story about Zach, it made me smile!! I was in a cranky mood and you made me happy. You should be an author. Love, G-ma

  4. G-ma says:

    Wonderful news, you need a new sewing machine. You have great friends. I don’t think your pillows look overstuffed!

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