Things you didn’t expect to see again…

… Like this blog, for example!

But no, today’s story lies elsewhere.  Specifically, it began a year and a half ago when I was in a friend’s wedding.

(It was beautiful.  I was the maid of honor.  It’s always great fun to have a chance to dress up and be pretty, and get flowers!)

After the reception, I somehow fumbled my way through the spelling conscious channels on the internet to find out how to preserve flowers.  Then, I drunkenly stumbled down the stairs of the basement in my parents’ house, in heels and a floor length dress, to the dark basement room where we store the preserves that we make every year.  I found some twine laying somewhere, and tied the flowers up and hung them from a shelf, and promptly forgot about them.

Then, last weekend, I was rooting through the obstacle course that is our canned-goods-storage room:

When I turned around, and there were the flowers, a year and a half later, hanging upside-down and forgotten from a shelf, and perfectly preserved.

What a cheerful surprise 🙂

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