Every year since I can remember, my family has gotten together and made Ukrainian Easter eggs, or Psanky (I have seen it spelled several ways).  It works along the same lines as doing batik, where you apply beeswax where you want that color to stay, use multiple dye-ings, and afterwards melt off the wax.  While I am by no means a master, I have fun doing this every year, so here are the results from this year’s batch!

We’ve always started by hard-boiling the eggs.  I have read that this is not correct, but I’ve always used the grocery store egg dyes and never had a problem.  Then again, my eggs are not permanent:

Once the eggs are boiled (you can also use raw eggs and rotate them every few days for… a really long time until the egg disintegrates, or you can poke holes in the shell and blow out the egg), they need to come to room temperature before decorating, or the shells may crack when wax is applied.

Here is a picture of everything you need for the decorating process:

The cups, vinegar, and tablets are to make the egg dye.  Pillar candles are for melting the beeswax in the pencil shaped kistkas, to apply to the egg.  The candlesticks are easier to use to melt the wax off of your egg when finished.

Here is a partially finished egg, with beeswax on it and a kistka laying behind it on the block of beeswax.

Here is a picture of my finished eggs!  I had three casualties during the process… one due to explosion during cooking, and the other two got too hot when i was melting the wax off of them and they broke.  It was very sad 😦

In the future I would like to try permanent dyes (not to be used on eggs that you will eat!) so that the dye stays on better.  Store dyes tend to get spotty, or rub off when removing the beeswax.

So, what do you think?


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3 Responses to Psanky!

  1. Tickif says:

    i love them! i dont know if i will get to do mine this year, but i hope i do. got most of the stuff for them, ju8st have to see if i have beeswax and decide if i can risk the candles when im not technically allowed to have them in the apartment.

    does one of yours have a mustache?

  2. sev3nty says:

    HAHA yes, yes it does. The other side of the egg is a set of lips.

  3. YoMamma says:

    Oh I love them! the purple and green one with the flower in it!! I can’t wait to try it with you!! ❤

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